Are You Growing or Dying?

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Are You Growing or Dying?

Every minute of the day, your body, mind, and spirit are in a continual state of growing or dying. You are either expanding or contracting.

On the surface, there are two choices:

1) You choose to expand and make your life and world-view bigger, brighter, and better. You decide to grow wiser, more content, and happier.

2) You choose or accept and contract. Everything gets smaller, dimmer, and less satisfying.

If you dig deeper, you will find your choice is more of a combination of the two. In turbulent times and good times.

The secret is to get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you and replace it with everything that does – at the same time.

Yin and Yang.

Open your eyes. Explore the good possibilities in life. Ignore everything that is holding you back. Go for your dreams.

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