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In a Routine Performance Rut? You’re Not Alone, and There’s a Way Out

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Benjamin RuarkIntroduction: Men and women providing various professional services sense when they’re in a performance rut. Where it feels as though the days all bleed into a single repetition of the same run-of-the-mill cloud of experiences: a workplace rendition of déjà vu gone live the moment they step through the door. Makes it exasperating at times, just to…

How To Be Yourself When The World Is Trying To Change You

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While it's cliche to tell you to “be yourself”, there's a surprising amount of pressure to be authentic.

Whether you've been encouraged to suppress some of your key traits at work or remember being mocked when growing up, most of us can remember a time when we clearly got the message that it was bad to be ourselves.

So, how can you overcome this pressure to conform? And why should you make this a priority in your life?

We'll explore how you can stay true to your authentic self even when the world is trying to change you. We'll start by considering just why it's so important to be yourself…

Get Further, Faster in your Career: 4 Steps to Finding a Mentor

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 Behind every successful person is at least one mentor — who believed in and supported them from the very beginning.

A mentor is the cheerleader who encourages your dreams and the advisor who helps…

Jungian Shadow Work: Get to Know Your True Dark Side

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We often talk about ourselves having a dark side. We might mention that we try to keep this part of our personalities in check or talk about the things our dark sides tempt us to do. However, it turns out that this part of you is extremely important, and has a lot to teach you… The process of using this dark side is known as shadow work.

Using the work of psychologist Carl Jung, we'll look at how to make use of this darker part of our minds.

Beginning with an explanation of what your shadow side actually is, we'll work through the key questions you might have about the significance of your dark…

How To Completely Change Your Life – The Easy Way

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Have you been running full speed ahead - knowing you’re not heading in the right direction?

It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and find yourself off track.

Could your experience could be better?

It comes down to awareness and decisions:

1) Everything begins when you recognize that something needs to change - and admit it to yourself. Is the time now?

Simple Reset For Maximum Productivity

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How would you like to be more productive AND enjoy your day?

I’ve always been the kind of person who believed that life is life. Whether living your personal life, working at your job, or building a business. You are still the same person no matter what you are doing. Leaving yourself behind while you do something else is not a recipe or success.

Instead, as you go about the business of your day, why not have a little bit…