How to Make More Money in 2019

How to Make More Money in 2019

How To Make More Money In 2019If you want to make more money in 2019, think of the term  “The 2 Percenters”

This comes from the belief that most of the world’s wealth is controlled by 2% of the population. This means that the other 98% of the world’s population have poverty, lower class or middle-class incomes.

While I question those exact numbers, I think you would agree that the proportion of wealthy people to poor, low and middle-class people is pretty close to this ratio.

Open your mind and consider this concept. If you are not wealthy, it’s because you have been hypnotized to believe either you can’t be or you shouldn’t be.

It is my mission to help you shift those beliefs and help you make more money in 2019 and manifest more wealth into your life.

The Right Mindset To Make More Money

You see, if you believe you were born to suffer a fate of poverty or only to aspire to have an “average life” at best, then you have a poverty mindset that will keep you stuck in a life of poverty or at best, reach an “average” lifestyle.

But if you believe that you are the master of your own destiny, that you’re in total control of your wealth and that you deserve wealth, then your wealthy mindset will focus you on attracting abundance into your life.

Adopting the mindsets of wealth is the key that unlocks the door to success.

In most cases, rich minded people will tell you that there is no secret to becoming wealthy. The knowledge has always been in plain sight.

It is your attitude about money that will facilitate the flow of wealth to make more money in 2019.

The belief that we live in abundance is the psychological aspect of a wealthy mindset.


How Warren Buffet Makes Money

“I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”  ― Warren Buffett

Since the dawn of capitalistic society, there has always been wealthy people and poor people. Poverty will always exist and because you can’t have “rich” if there is no “poor”. This paradigm will never change.

Another paradigm about how to make more money in 2019 is this.

Rich minded people will always be in a state of abundance and poor minded people will always experience lack… This too will never change.

To help us understand the “why”, we must understand the mentality of rich minded people and compare it with the way poor minded people think and act.

In my book, “Rich Mind, poor mind”, there are ten distinct differences in the money mentality of rich versus poor money mindsets.

While studying the differences, notice your own thoughts and reactions and see where you need to shift from poor-minded beliefs to rich minded beliefs.

Keep in mind, that by defining ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ I am not referring to an individual’s current bank account size, net worth, assets, and so on.

Beliefs About Making Money

I am referring to your beliefs about money, your beliefs about lack and abundance and your beliefs about yourself.

Your mind stores your beliefs like a computer.

Your beliefs are so powerful, they’ll lead you to create amazing opportunities for yourself, or build walls that imprison you from ever achieving the success you desire.

Even if you win the lottery you probably will lose it all sooner or later if your mind has been conditioned to believe you’ll always be poor.

On the other hand, if you have a positive, abundance mindset and a “rich mind” self-image, you will be driven to create abundance in your life no matter what “tough economy” the news would have you believe we live in.

You see my friend, abundance is an illusion and wealth is a figment of your imagination.

Whatever current financial situation you find yourself in… from the career you have, the house you live in, the car you drive and the vacations you may or may not get to take…. you have created it all with your thought beliefs.


No outside influences forced you into the situation your in.

No-one put a gun to your head and made you stay where you’re at. You’re here because of your mindset.

Your life is what it is because of the decisions you’ve made based on the beliefs you have about wealth and abundance.

And more importantly, it’s because of your beliefs about what you truly deserve to experience in your life.

So if you want to make more money in 2019, just remember this.

As my Dad always said, “It’s all in your head”

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