If Your Life Isn’t How You Want It, Here Are 4 Start Anytime Resolutions to Experience a Better Life

Life has never felt different for anyone just because they want life to feel different. There’s usually this feeling that we’re not experiencing our best life or we’re not where we want to be that causes us to feel like life isn’t fair to us, because it seems like everyone is doing less than we’re doing but enjoying more than we do.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience things differently from how you’ve been experiencing them, then you just need to do things differently from how you’ve been doing them. Because what you currently have is as a result of the amount of knowledge that you have.

So here are the 4 things which you’re currently doing that when you do differently, will bring about that amazing life:

1. Replace Chasing People With Finding Yourself

I want to be in a relationship with A, I want to be like B, I want to have fun and travel like C.” Although it isn’t a bad thing to want better, you need to be reminded that all these things you’re trying to do are putting you on someone’s path, which isn’t making you the engineer of your own trail.

So instead of trying so hard to fit into people’s criteria, or chase people whom you want, it’d be best to start finding yourself. Most times, the people who end up saying money doesn’t bring happiness are those people who chase making money because others were chasing money.

If there isn’t a strong why, or a deep reason why you want to become that person or get that thing, quit it because it could not bring you the best experience or the happiness which you want.

In order to find yourself, take time to completely analyze yourself. Define your own tune, dance according to your rhythm, and sing with that voice which you have. There’s beauty in the struggle. When you focus on creating your own path, you’ll surely become better, and then people will be more attracted to you because originality is what attracts people.

2. Replace Not Being Real With Yourself, With Facing The Truth

There are thousands of things which we’ve said we’d do better, that if we think about now, would have made us somebody better than we are. Procrastinating is too easy. It’s easy to give in, but giving in isn’t what brings results. Taking the extra step or doing that which you don’t want to do is what always brings about success.

When the situation presents itself that you have to procrastinate, tell yourself “I’m going to procrastinate doing this because it’s not important”. If your conscience lets you go scot-free, then you have the right to ignore that thing. But if it doesn’t, it only means that thing is very important and it will help you live a better life, so by not doing it, we’re hurting ourselves.

Most of the time, we procrastinate just because we have to watch that new episode and then leave more important things which might bring us a reward. By procrastinating because we have to watch that new episode, we’re unconsciously telling ourselves that the new episode is more important than our goals or that thing which we have to do.

3. Replace Yes With No When It Doesn’t Suit

This is usually a tough one. Especially when you have to say NO to your loved ones. It generally makes us feel like we’re not empathic or we’re boring people. But on the contrary, most times when we agree to do what the other person is requesting, we often don’t enjoy the process because we know we’ve left something more important to do.

So here’s a way out, when it begins to feel awkward to say no, remind yourself that you’re not saying no because you’re a bitter person, rather, you’re saying no because you have something of greater value to do.

And here’s a less offensive reason to give when you say no. Instead of saying “No, I have something more important to do,” say, “I already have something that’s running out of time that I have to do” even if it’s you just working on your goals.

4. Replace Sleeping With Worry For Sleeping With The Future Vision

This might prove difficult when, let’s say you didn’t get the money you needed to do something the next morning. But as you already know, it’s bedtime meaning worrying at that time won’t bring a solution because it’s too late.

So when you replace worrying with the vision of the future, where you’re already enjoying that thing, an idea of what to do next might come to you. Even if an idea doesn’t come, just sleeping with happiness will allow you to have a good night’s rest and also keep your body in a more relaxed state compared to when you’re constantly fussing about the problem at hand.

Remember, you’re not starting anything new that will require you to do much, rather, you’re replacing what you don’t like for something that will make you feel happier and joyful.

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