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Manifest Success Meditation

Ask yourself... “Why Am I Here? ” What is your answer? If your like most, you probably answered, “I Have No Idea ” . Therefore THAT is your answer! Embrace the purposeful pursuit of finding out. If you know, then that's AWESOME! There's no need to “change”. We were created from a source of perfection. We simply re-entered this world of imperfection in order to be strengthened, inspired and even more impassioned with our purpose.
MINUTE ONE – Open yourself to embracing the concept of “I Am Simply Here To Become Better”

The 2 most valuable assets any of us have is time and the power to make decisions about what to do with the time we have. Everything else is secondary.
MINUTE TWO – Decide to make every second of every moment of your life count.

Fear is the mind replaying the past or manifesting the future. By staying present, we are in the moment of “being”. All is ok in the moment. You're alive. Everything after this is a gift.
MINUTE THREE – Be conscious of past or future thinking and return to the "now" moment of “being”.

Notice how you are breathing right now. Is it full full deep breaths or short shallow ones? If it's short or shallow, it's likely a sign of stress. Stress is caused by fear which produces tension in the body and results in shallow breathing.
MINUTE FOUR – Breathe in peace... deeply, fully and consciously, then release stress and fear

Your smile is your happy switch. Smiling centers your mind on activating the emotions of well being and happiness which are then felt throughout your body. It's impossible to feel sad when you are smiling. Go ahead, try it... it's impossible to be sad and happy at the same time. :-)
MINUTE FIVE – Smile Now! Smile all day long and the whole world will smile with you... and on you.

Most of us are now better off than the wealthiest people from 150 years ago. They didn't even have electricity or toilets let alone reading devices! Look around you. We live in a world of abundance. Not only in “things” but knowledge, opportunity, and beauty. The more we're grateful for the smallest things, the more we'll see abundance and be filled by it.
MINUTE SIX – Thank everyone and everything for their presence in your existence.

No matter what we do, we're all in the “people” business. No matter what we're going thru, “others” are going thru “stuff” too. When there is an issue with another, realize that you played a role in it and the reality is that they are simply looking for your help to resolve it.
MINUTE SEVEN – Forgive yourself first, then forgive others as this helps heal all.
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"I start every day with your 7 minute meditation. I'm now getting clients calling me instead of always having to chase them! - Rick Fox, Financial Planner.

"I love your meditation! It balances me and sets the tone for my day. And since I started doing it, life keeps getting better and better! - Monica Sherzwitz, Craft Connections" 

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