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Is 5G Triggering Vaccine Deaths?

02:02:2022 the great awakening

02:02:2022 – Could THIS Date Signal The Great Awakening?

  Is 02:02:2022 the great awakening the starting date of something BIG?   The number 2 in numerology is a very important number. Especially when it is found in a sequence like today’s date – 02:02:2022 or February 2nd, 2022.   If you haven’t noticed, the world is undergoing a massive shift.   World governments are trying to force their citizens to obey draconian rules using fear of death as their weapon.   Sadly, most people are willingly going along with these tyrannical orders.   But, the Universe has other plans.   And that’s where numerology comes into play.    […]

Vaccine Truth Video

Vaccine Truth Video Unknown type of the video. Check your video link.

3 Ways To Add To Your Mental Health Toolbox

Mental Health is a hot topic right now, as it should be. 

Celebrities coming out and openly talking about struggles, depression, and anxiety are getting more vocalized by the masses.

But what happens after these brave steps? 

Unfortunately, you don't suddenly become healed, and the world is all rainbows and unicorns.