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Why Self Help Programs Don’t Work

Have you ever wondered why motivational self help programs don’t work for most people? Yet there are so many self help programs to every personal problem in the world. Self Help Books Reiki Self Hypnosis Massage Self Help Podcasts Yoga Guided Mediation Access Bars Electro Shock (ok, kidding, just kidding, lol) and many more. And no matter what solution is available to resolve your situation, every single one of these self help solutions comes back to THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Every one of these solutions deals with what’s going on between your ears. So, if these self help programs […]

How You Can Achieve Mental Wellbeing Through Gardens and Gardening

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The relationship between gardening and mental health is the topic of…

21 Fascinating George Washington Quotes

As the first president of the United States, George Washington had to set a great example for generations to come. A military and political leader and strategist, he was the only man who Electoral College elected unanimously and served as president twice. His actions and his personal philosophy have greatly shaped the American culture. I’ve crafted [...]

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PLM 433 : Judging & Criticizing Others: How To Destroy Your Own Happiness

In this video, I share with you why judging and criticizing others is the easiest way to destroy your own happiness. Can you imagine a world where everyone was accepting and loving towards one another? Despite our best efforts, we have all been guilty of judging and criticizing others at some point in our lives. In the past, I indulged in these behaviours, which in turn, negatively impacted my happiness in life. Judgment and criticism is merely a projection of your own insecurity and lack of fulfillment in life. It wasn’t until I was 100% happy with whom I was, that I no longer felt the need to judge others. How much time do you spend judging and criticizing others? Make it a priority for all of your intentions in life to be comprised of love and…

Increase Your Productivity by Switching Off

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then you may have a hard time getting and staying productive. That’s partly because you find ideas everywhere. While it’s great to have so many ideas during the start-up phase, new ideas can keep you from completing tasks. There’s always something new pulling you away from the tasks that will move you closer to achieving your goals and seeing your vision through.

In some ways, slowing down the new ideas is the path to productivity.…

Good Habits Essential For Living A Happy And Successful Life

Is it time to change your life? If you don't feel like you're living in line with your purpose, it's hard to feel fulfilled. However, it can be just as hard to take a leap into the unknown. In truth, changing your life is really more about making a series of small, adjustments known has good habits.

But what does a good habit look like – and how do you stick to it once you've started?

If you've long been thinking “I want a change”, this article is the perfect place to start. We'll explore why good habits matter, offering tips and tricks that will help you create new thoughts and behaviors.

In addition, we'll show you how such changes can enable you to become your best self. We will offer real-life examples…

Tap Into The Energy Of Urgency

An atmosphere of urgency will create an atmosphere of achievement.

Have you noticed that the people who make things happen in this world value and share the same sense of urgency?

High Achievers work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline for achieving objectives. Those who consciously choose not to “sleep at the wheel” realize that regardless of the goal being pursued, they must continually maintain a sense of urgency in order to compete and win.

True greatness is only achieved once we develop a sense of urgency and importance of what we are doing. I mean a sense of urgency to the extent that we feel getting results and achieving our goals is a matter of life and death.

It’s tragically…

How To Center Yourself Spiritually During Seasonal Changes

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The seasons are markers and containers for our lives. They influence weather and crops,…

9 Ways to Encourage Leadership From a Young Age

Being an adult is a tough job indeed. Getting a job, paying the bills, getting married, having a kid, retirement- the list never ends. However, with age, a lot of things become clearer. 

Parenthood, for instance, is one of the most taxing yet rewarding experiences of life. Every parent has the same goal- to raise children who grow up to be successful and kind. However, there is no yardstick to proper parenting.

The world is in shambles, with the ecosystem crumbling, income disparity widening and people becoming more intolerant. It is the next generation that holds the power to change things. Teach…

How To Be Outstanding!

Good is only half a block from average. Excellence lives on the other side of town from good. Outstanding resides in a zip code all by itself!

This Be Outstanding! lesson is devoted to reinvesting in you. Its purpose is to help you to raise the bar, and reach for higher levels of performance from yourself and others than you ever thought possible.

How does one create and sustain outstanding performance?

First and foremost, you must live and die by the spirit of this rule:

“If you are not committed to delivering results that are profound, dramatic and superior – NEVER COMPETE!”

Let’s consider the ramifications of these 16 simple words. They remind me of something that Steve Jobs of Apple…