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Why Self Help Programs Don’t Work

Have you ever wondered why motivational self help programs don’t work for most people? Yet there are so many self help programs to every personal problem in the world. Self Help Books Reiki Self Hypnosis Massage Self Help Podcasts Yoga Guided Mediation Access Bars Electro Shock (ok, kidding, just kidding, lol) and many more. And no matter what solution is available to resolve your situation, every single one of these self help solutions comes back to THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Every one of these solutions deals with what’s going on between your ears. So, if these self help programs […]

The Truth About Marketing Every First Time Founder Should Know

Originally Sourced From https://addicted2success.com/startups/the-truth-about-marketing-every-first-time-founder-should-know/

While starting your own business is an exhilarating experience, many start-up founders struggle with successful marketing more than any other area of business. So if you’re thinking about starting a business, here are some of the key things you need to know about marketing before you take the plunge.


How To Be Patient: Why Is Patience Important To Success

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We're often cautioned to be patient, and told that patience is a virtue. That said, it can be hard to hold onto this message when you're eager to see big changes in your life.

Indeed, you might sometimes struggle to see the wisdom in being patient. However, as it turns out, patience is a crucial ingredient of success.

But why is the case? And what can you do to better cultivate patience when it just doesn't come naturally to you?

In this guide to achieving success through patience, we'll start by…

Grateful For The Past Year

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It's the time of year when gift-giving is everywhere - but those are not the most important you have received.

Every day that passes, you experience life. The good. The bad. The ugly. Those experiences add up to incredible life lessons that you carry forever.

That leads me to a question -

What experiences did you have last year that you consider a gift?

It is challenging or pleasurable. How you perceive has the…

Your Life Has a Meaning: Here’s How to Find Out What It Is

Originally Sourced From https://addicted2success.com/life/your-life-has-a-meaning-heres-how-to-find-out-what-it-is/

Knowing the purpose of one’s existence in the world is a lingering thought for everyone. Some people may interpret it as a quest, as they try out new adventures and learn new skills. Meanwhile, others may view it as a mystery that slowly reveals itself as they spend their time on Earth. They say that their…

2021 is the Year of Decision

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I’ve learned the single most powerful way to build momentum is to make a decision. That's why I’ve chosen “Decide” as my guiding word for next year.

When you make a decision, any decision, it can be life-changing - as long as you understand…

Decision making is not about a “Yes or No.” Like Yin and Yang, each is the same as the other, only opposite.

A decision is also not about “Maybe.” Unlike…

How To Build An Empire With Mindfulness

Originally Sourced From https://addicted2success.com/success-advice/how-to-build-an-empire-with-mindfulness/

Mindfulness is the new buzzword and has gained traction over recent years. But what is all the hype about it and how can it be used to help us achieve our dreams? How many times have you been stressed out, overwhelmed and unsure what direction to take, especially with everything that is currently happening right now in the world?

With mindfulness…

Setting Goals The Smart Way

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I'm a big fan of setting big-ass goals. Dreaming BIG is my natural state - which is why S.M.A.R.T. goals are not all that smart.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

While it may seem like a good plan, I can't wrap my head around not setting goals because they don't seem achievable or realistic.

Excuse me?

Since when did big-ass goals seem achievable and realistic? 

Does Unconditional Love Create & Improve Good Relationships?

Originally Sourced From https://www.thelawofattraction.com/unconditional-love/

When we think about what we want in relationships, we often mention unconditional love. After all, we all want to be loved for who we are, and to have a sense that this love is secure.

But is this the real meaning of unconditional love, and is this sort of love always good for you? Also, how can you offer others, unconditional love, so that you might begin to receive it in return?

We'll start by delving into the concept of unconditional love and defining what examples of it involved.

From there, we'll look at whether unconditional love can ever be unhealthy, and what you can do to…

How to Use the 3 Sins of Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

Originally Sourced From https://addicted2success.com/motivation/how-to-use-the-3-sins-of-motivation-to-achieve-your-goals/

Has your hard work ever been overlooked?  Maybe you’ve been working overtime for weeks, and when promotion time came along, a less experienced co-worker (who rarely, if ever, stays past clock out time) is applauded for his great work and is rewarded with a higher, better paying position.

Or maybe a new website you’ve been working for weeks isn’t getting the traffic you think it deserves. And other, lower-quality…

Loneliness Is Tremendous by Charlie Tremendous Jones

Originally Sourced From https://www.getmotivation.com/motivationblog/2019/08/overcoming-loneliness-charlie-tremendous-jones/

Charlie Tremendous Jones - inspirational author and speakerLeadership begins with loneliness. What is leadership, what does a leader do? A leader is simply one who goes ahead, one who sets the pace, paves the way.

I think it needs…