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9 Ways to Encourage Leadership From a Young Age

Being an adult is a tough job indeed. Getting a job, paying the bills, getting married, having a kid, retirement- the list never ends. However, with age, a lot of things become clearer. 

Parenthood, for instance, is one of the most taxing yet rewarding experiences of life. Every parent has the same goal- to raise children who grow up to be successful and kind. However, there is no yardstick to proper parenting.

The world is in shambles, with the ecosystem crumbling, income disparity widening and people becoming more intolerant. It is the next generation that holds the power to change things. Teach…

How To Be Outstanding!

Good is only half a block from average. Excellence lives on the other side of town from good. Outstanding resides in a zip code all by itself!

This Be Outstanding! lesson is devoted to reinvesting in you. Its purpose is to help you to raise the bar, and reach for higher levels of performance from yourself and others than you ever thought possible.

How does one create and sustain outstanding performance?

First and foremost, you must live and die by the spirit of this rule:

“If you are not committed to delivering results that are profound, dramatic and superior – NEVER COMPETE!”

Let’s consider the ramifications of these 16 simple words. They remind me of something that Steve Jobs of Apple…

Why You Should Meditate Everyday… (It’s Not Why You Think)

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In this video, I share with you some reasons why you should meditate every day... (not why you think you should). This is a practice that has greatly impacted my life. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress, and find a sense of inner calmness and peace from the daily pressures that life brings. I am not a master of meditation, but it is something that I have committed to going deeper with, over the last six months. Intellectually, I always knew that meditation was good for me, but I never…

7 Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Originally Sourced From https://addicted2success.com/entrepreneur-profile/7-things-you-can-do-to-enhance-your-entrepreneurial-mindset/

Your success as an entrepreneur doesn’t only rely on your ability to deal with numbers and finances. Even though your skill may pave the way for numerous opportunities, capitalizing on those chances is an entirely different thing. With all the complexities that can arise, your performance as a business owner will heavily depend on your…

Goal Oriented Tips For Goals In 2019

Goal Oriented Tips For Goals In 2019 Most people are goal oriented. They have a range of different dreams and goals in 2019. This is one of the best things about people in fact. We’re all different and we all have different aspirations – different goals to share with one another and different things to talk about. That’s the reason for this goal oriented tips for goals in 2019 article. The unhappiest people? They’re the ones with no goals. No direction. No motivation. A goal gives you a vision. It gives you drive and goals make every day seem like […]

Manifest Success Guided Meditation

MindPower Programs Need Help? Contact Us: Click Here Start Your Day The Right Way! Easy To Use Simply play the guided meditation mp3 when you wake up and allow the positive suggestions help you get focused, stay motivated, and produce results . Science Backed Solution Health professionals agree that meditating releases stress and calm’s the mind. By allowing yourself to explore new realities, your subconscious will follow and begin to create them for you. All Natural Process Meditation has been practiced for centuries. The more you place meditation into your daily activities, the more natural it will become. Unlimited Lifetime […]
over 50 dating

Over 50 Dating: Being Mindful Helps

Over 50 Dating: Being Mindful Helps Over 50 dating can be a bit daunting when you are dating over 50. But you deserve to be happy right? Why not take the chance and try to find that special person that can add some romance into your life.  The hardest step is taking the first step of getting back into the dating game. Over 50 Dating Tips to Help You Re-enter the Over 50 Dating Scene 1. Enter the dating over 50 scene with an open mind.  Remember that you are not as youthful as you were when you were dating […]
Carol Dweck Mindset

Carol Dweck Mindset Information

Carol Dweck Mindset Information Carol Dweck Mindset A lot of people are searching for information on the Carol Dweck Mindset approach to improving their lives. According to Amazon, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, has spent decades of research on achievement and success. And after all this study, she has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea—the power of our mindset. Personally, I don’t think the mind power of mindset is groundbreaking by any means. The power of mindset has been acknowledged from the beginning of mankind. But, since most people choose to ignore this knowledge, Carol Dweck’s growth mindset book will probably be groundbreaking for those who […]

How to Read Tarot Cards

How to Read Tarot Cards More and more people are becoming curious about how to read Tarot cards. Maybe it’s because all of humanity is shifting into a more Spiritual awakening. When people hear of Tarot card readings, they may imagine a gypsy looking woman and a deck of cards in front of her. The reality is, all Tarot card readers are normal, everyday people who have tuned into the energy and vibrations of what’s going on around them. And as they read the Tarot cards, this energy is transferred thru the cards which produce the Tarot card reading. According to most practitioners […]


SELF HYPNOSIS AUDIO DOWNLOADS WORK How self-hypnosis audio downloads work is a bit of a mystery to most people who are searching for helpful solutions to problems in their lives. For those who have heard of self-hypnosis # techniques, they may think that when they go to a hypnotist, he or she is going to have them close their eyes, snap their fingers and cure them of their issues. And for 98% of the population, most believe that it is the hypnotist that causes the client to go into hypnosis and not realize that it’s actually the opposite. What I mean by […]