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Why I Didn’t Want to Do the Dishes – The Relationship Between Laziness, Inefficiency and Complacency

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I have always had a certain aversion for particular tasks growing up. One that sticks out most in my mind was washing the dishes.

This was because growing up we didn’t have a dishwasher. There was a constant…

Reinventing Yourself Now

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Reinventing Yourself Now

Change is one of those things that happens over time for most people. Sometimes you have no choice. If the past few months' events have you thinking about tweaking your life - I have a couple of suggestions to get you started.

1) No matter what dreams you hold, be sure to inventory the good, bad, and ugly of your current situation. You can't move forward if you don't know where you are starting. Don't be afraid. Information is…

Busting Through Limiting Beliefs

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Busting Through Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever had the feeling that something is holding you back? You have limiting beliefs.

You were not born with limiting beliefs. Your experiences have installed a belief system within you. It serves as your guide in everything you do. The next time you find yourself unable to move forward, try these steps:

1) Identify the thought or behavior that is blocking you. In today’s busy…

Why Education Should Be a Lifelong Process

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Many of us consider the end of our formal schooling to be the end of our education. We leave school, begin our professional careers, and shift our focus away from learning.

But growth is a lifelong process, not limited to formal education. Our wisdom…

How To Stay Positive While Losing Weight

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Losing weight can be difficult under any circumstances, but it can be especially difficult when you aren't feeling happy with yourself or your progress. The reality is, though, that being down on yourself or what you have accomplished so far can end up making the process even harder. The good news is,…

You Are In Control of Your Happiness

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You Are In Control of Your Happiness

What would you say if I told you that being happier is within your control and has nothing to do with your mindset?

A study from Dartmouth College found that most people are happy before they turn 18 and after 60 years of age. In between is where you ride the happiness roller coaster.

How do you get off?

It turns out that being happier comes down to three…

How to Boost Your Productivity with the Science of Well Being

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Whenever I hear the word productivity, I often have mixed feelings about it. While I love the underlying sense of proactivity it brings to the table, a part of me feels the terminology is better suited for something unemotional like a machine.