Make More Money Self Hypnosis Program

Can you really increase your income and make more money with an audio hypnosis program?


All wealth is created by thought first.

If you think you’ll always have to struggle in low paying jobs, then you will create that reality.

BUT…. once you believe your passions can be turned into a high paying career, then amazingly, opportunities to pursue your passion will begin to show up in your life as well.

The Increase Your Income hypnosisprogram helps you re-frame your negative thoughts about money, wealth, abundance and success into positive beliefs that can attract new opportunities for you.

“I got your “Increase Your Income” program & listened to it as instructed at bed-time. Within in days, I was asked to pick up extra shifts & work over-time which never happens where I work. I also got another job offer out of the blue! Now I plan to attend your workshops as I have more goals to achieve. Thank You James!” – Anne Lisa, Windsor Canada

How Does It Work?

Simply listen to the main audio track at night and allow the money mindset suggestions shift the way you feel about money, wealth abundance and success.

Then supercharge your results by listening to the subliminal audio program during the day to reinforce the suggestions for change. (NOTE: You will NOT hear any words on this track. The suggestions are buried underneath the music)

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