Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis Program

You made the decision to smoke, now empower yourself to become smoke free!

Your program worked for me, two 2 years later and still no cigs! … thank you” – Gail Joy, SSM Ontario

Simply listen to the audio track at night and allow the positive motivational suggestions to reprogram that way you think about smoking and about your health.

Then supercharge your results by listening to the subliminal audio program during the day to reinforce your new healthy habits. (NOTE: You will NOT hear any words on this track. The suggestions are buried underneath the music)

I HAD a pack a day smoking habit for the last 30 years. I ended up with cancer twice and knew I had to quit smoking although I was doubtful that using MindPower Programs would work for me. After my first week, I only smoked 3 half cigarettes in a week. And after my second week, I had only taken a couple of drags off a cigarette. Now I feel like I’m done with smoking for good! Thank you so much James!” – Carol Garcia, Farmington Hills MI.

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Stop smoking now for less than a carton of cancer sticks all while you sleep!

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