Stop Sugar Cravings Self Hypnosis Programs

Is your sweet tooth sabotaging your health and your weight loss goals?

Sugar is the leading cause of weight gain and is thought to be a major contributor to most major diseases.

The Tame Your Sweet Tooth motivational audio program can help you release the desire for sweets and sugar so you can lose weight faster, become healthier and even increase your energy.

I HAD a very unhealthy addiction to sugar. In the morning I would have six spoons of sugar in one cup of coffee, and I would drink 2 pots per day. I am now drinking my coffee black, and have replaced sweet snacks with healthy fruit and veggies snacks. Thanks so much Jimmy!! and my health thanks you too. – Lori Stedman, Windsor Canada

How Does It Work?

Simply listen to the main audio track at night and allow the positive motivational suggestions for change release your cravings for sugar, sweets so you lose weight easier.

Then supercharge your results by listening to the subliminal audio program during the day to reinforce the suggestions for change.(NOTE: You will NOT hear any words on this track. The suggestions are buried underneath the music)

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