Shocking Video Reveals Government Corruption

Shocking Video Reveals Government Corruption


Here's a shocking one hour video by researcher/whistle blower Bev Collins. 

Bev Collins describes how the Trilateral Commission, the IMF, The World Bank and the WTO are working together to usurp our constitutional rights and freedoms through NAFTA and the U.S./Canadian free trade agreements. 

No wonder why President Donald Trump wanted to scrap the Nafta trade deal!

The collusion of The World Bank and the IMF is purposely destroying our monetary system and inter country trade and natural resources.

National Government and Military Systems that guard individual countries are being dismantled.

This New World Order system is controlled by the Transnationals and the Trilateral Commission.

The mandate of the Trilateral Commission is to get rid of the nation state.

These organizations are led by world leaders who's mission is to create a "one world" government body.

Every one of our Canadian banks and insurance companies have members in the Trilateral Commission.

And all the while, they are brainwashing the public to believe... "Its for the good of the people".
There's a war now on for your Soul.

And they are coming for you through your mind.

Use our Mind Power website to educate and protect yourself and your family.

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