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Why Self Help Programs Don’t Work

self help Have you ever wondered why motivational self help programs don’t work for most people?

Yet there are so many self help programs to every personal problem in the world.

  • Self Help Books
  • Reiki
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Massage
  • Self Help Podcasts
  • Yoga
  • Guided Mediation
  • Access Bars
  • Electro Shock (ok, kidding, just kidding, lol)

and many more.

And no matter what solution is available to resolve your situation, every single one of these self help solutions comes back to THE POWER OF YOUR MIND.

Every one of these solutions deals with what’s going on between your ears.

So, if these self help programs work for other people, why don’t they work for you?

There’s only 2 reasons self help programs don’t work:

  1. People don’t take action and actually use it
  2. People are afraid of change

Let’s deal with reason #1.

A weird thing happens in your mind when you find a solution to a problem. You immediately feel satisfied and there’s a sense of completion.

Let’s take “getting in shape” for instance… Your feeling unhealthy and know you need to lose 10-20 pounds.

So you sign up for gym membership or diet plan, right? But once you pay the money you then feel a sense of accomplishment, right?

And then what happens? 

You don’t take any further action, right? You don’t go to the gym, you don’t follow the food plan and you don’t get results. Am I right so far?


It’s because you took action to solve your problem. That scratched your subconscious itch to improve yourself. And then your subconscious will make you feel like your work is done, nothing left to do.

Now let’s look at reason #2.

Another weird thing happens when you want to solve a personal issue.

You consciously decide to “CHANGE” something about yourself that is already firmly established as “WHO YOU ARE” subconsciously.

And as a MindPower expert, I can tell you, the subconscious mind does not like “change”. It resists change and will do everything to sabotage changing what has already been the standard way of operating your life.

Let’s go back to our “getting in shape” example.

You’ve bought the gym membership or food plan. You plan on starting or maybe you do start the program, but then you miss a day here, then a week goes by, then you just forget about the whole idea. 

Why? Because your subconscious does not want you to change.

Change means leaving behind what you know and becoming something you don’t know.

Change means stepping out of your old familiar comfort zone and stepping into new uncharted territory.

Change means releasing the old version of you that operates on autopilot and creating a new version that must operate on an entirely different level 

So, no wonder your subconscious doesn’t want to change!

And there’s reasons for that too

  • Change is scary,
  • Change is the unknown.
  • Change is the darkness that we can’t see into

Most, if not all, children are afraid of the dark. And most, if not all, people are operating from their subconscious child mind programming.

So if your buying programs and then not following through by actually using them, this is probably why.

Subconsciously, you are resisting change.
(btw – your subconscious is a lazy SOB, so there’s that too, lol)

So what can you do to overcome this dilemma?

Here’s 2 Ideas To Make Motivational Programs Work For You

  1. Replace the word “change” to “TRANSFORM”
  2. Stick with the program

By using the word “TRANSFORM” in your self development process, you take the pressure off of the idea of changing who you are.

You’re already good! You don’t need to “change”.

You now simply “TRANSFORMING” from who, where and how you are, to who, where and how you want to be.

Does a caterpillar “change” into a butterfly? Does it one day say to itself… 

“I think I need to better myself. I’m an ugly caterpillar. Butterflies are beautiful. I wish I could change into a butterfly.
I’ll spend the next 30 days working real hard building a cocoon and maybe that’ll work”

No it doesn’t. 

The caterpillar is already a butterfly in caterpillar form. It knows it’s a butterfly. And easily and effortlessly, it then “TRANSFORMS” into a butterfly.

Why? Because the caterpillar simply trusts the process.

It knows that it simply needs to take action, follow the program and trust that the program works to get the desired result.

You operate the same way… If you simply trust the program you’ve chosen.

Your mind will create the results you desire so long as you use the solution in the instructed way AND continue to feed your mind daily!

Read and reread this over and over again.

Once you program your mind to take action and embrace transformation, motivational programs will work for you, guaranteed! 

Ok, that’s it for now.
Talk to you soon. 🙂

James “JimmyG” Graham, C.Ht. Founder of MPP

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