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Health & Fitness Programs

Feeling tired, stressed out, or overweight?
Buying another gym membership or diet program won't solve your situation. Thinking like a fit, trim healthy person will.
MindPower Mind Training Programs can help you...
Lose Weight
Sleep Better
Stop Smoking
Release Stress
and more!

Wealth & Income Programs

Struggling with bills, credit card debt or simply not making ends meet?
It's got nothing to do with the economy but it does have everything to do with how you think, feel and view money.
MindPower Mind Training Programs can help you flip on your money switch to...
Increase Income
Start Business
Reduce Debt
Manifest Money
and more!
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Passion & Purpose Programs

Feeling lost, stuck or just plain uninspired?
Doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting life to become fun again is not going to work.
Creating an exciting passion filled, purpose-driven life starts with rediscovering yourself.
MindPower Mind Training Programs can help you re-ignite your spark with
Chakra Balancing
Mindful Meditations
Binaural Beat Energy
Soul Purpose Discovery
and more!
"Two workshops with James and still going back. You should check it out for yourselves! Always a great vibe mixed with humor, a whole lot of guidance and insight into our higher selves for continued spiritual and physical growth. I continue to receive the affirmations of my intentions and I'm grateful I could take part and be surrounded by such amazing energy!"
Nicole SimpsonMarketing Specialist
" I attended a MindPower Dream Creation workshop after becoming separated and needing a place of my own. Within three days, I found the house I manifested that day, exactly how I pictured it and available on the day I needed it. This is just one of the amazing things I learned at James' workshop. I've always believed in manifesting, but he gave me the tools to make it really make it happen."
Pam TaylorOutside The Box Jewelry
"I've studied success, personal development and business principles for years and I thought I had all the answers. Yet, after our online sessions, you opened up my mind to new ideas by giving me real world examples that I'll use in sales, my personal life and in achieving my own success. Your coaching will be extremely valuable to my upcoming success! Thanks James!"
Shane ChartrandGNC Nutritional Consultant - Calgary
"OMG Jimmy, you have changed my world. I started as a sales rep 3 months ago and could not make any sales. You showed me how I was sabotaging myself and helped me clear out my crap to become a success. Now, I have offers from multiple companies who all want to make me district manager. I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me and my family!"
Monn Ung, Windsor ON.Sales Rep.
"I attended the most inspirational workshops in along time. I had read about manifesting, but didn't understand it fully. Jimmy taught it in away that everyone could understand and appreciate it. Sometimes the smallest gifts can snowball into something magnificent!!! Within in days, I manifested $200.00 & paid for my dentist bill. Hope to take more classes from you"
Diane SmithManager - IGA Grocers
"If your new to business or have been in business for years, you'll gain valuable insight from James' perspective and business savvy. One of my assignments produced leads in days and produced thousands of dollars in new business. All within a new market I never ever considered! His business coaching is highly recommended! "
Jason Christopher - Pittsburg PA.Acclaim Productions

About Our Founder...

James E. Graham, C.Ht. affectionately known as "JimmyG", has used his 30 plus years of personal development training to create 6 figure companies, a financially free lifestyle, a dedication to optimum fitness, deeply passionate relationships and a commitment for living life to the fullest.

In his live presentations, he demonstrates how you can use the power of the mind to improve your health, wealth, relationships and business profits through his comedy hypnosis show, subliminal sales workshops, stress release seminars, keynote speeches, and personal coaching.

He has written books such as "Rich Mind, poor mind", "Maximize Your Mind Power", "From Fat To Fit", "Law Of Attraction Marketing" and many more.

And he has appeared with hollywood celebrities such as Christie Brinkley, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Gene Simmons, Mark Whalberg, Billionaires Hugh Hilton, Steve Wozniak, JT Foxx and more as well as on TV and radio talk shows, newspapers & magazines and is also a weekly guest host on the TKO Show with Kara Ro on CKLW AM800 every Wednesday at 1:30pm
Corporate Motivational Entertainer JimmyG

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mind Training?

Mind training is the process of changing habitual thinking patterns from negative sabotaging thoughts to positive self-serving thoughts. Once you create new thoughts, you'll create a new life.

What are Mind Power Programs?

Our signature line of MindPower programs is audio hypnosis or guided meditation programs that help you create new thoughts about your health wealth and purpose. These new thoughts will then help you make new decisions to take action towards your desired result.

When Do I Use The Programs?

You play the program at nighttime when you go to sleep. There's no need to actively listen to the program. Your subconscious mind will accept the suggestions and the transformations will take effect.

Are These Programs Dangerous?

Not at all! In fact, the suggestions for transformation are positive in nature to help you think, decide and act in ways that improve your life. And the relaxation techniques you'll experience will leave you well rested and more energetic the next morning.

What Else Do You Offer?

Lots! Our weekly blog will help you learn more about how to better your life. You can join our Manifest Success Club community. You can sign up for personal and group coaching as well as weekend workshops, retreats, and free events. Click the button above for details.

Are Your Programs Guaranteed?

While we can't legally make any claims or promises of specific results, we do guarantee that if you use our downloadable digital programs as instructed, you will benefit from our program or we will happily refund your purchase.



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